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1) May I see a Video of the diamond?

Yes we have a Video available to send you

2) What is Clarity Enhanced?

I have an explanation please provide email

3) Is the diamond certified?

Yes, the diamond will include either a certificate or an in-house appraisal. Our customers love the in-house appraisal as they use these to get the diamond insured. Please contact us to see a Sample certificate or appraisal.

4) Why should I buy from you?

If you can provide your email and we will send you our credentials. We have been selling diamonds successfully on various Publicly Traded Platforms for many years, all with Excellent reviews. If necessary, we can also provide personal references

5) Why buy Clarity Enhanced versus Non-Enhanced?

Although we sell both Clarity Enhanced and Non-Enhanced diamonds, Clarity Enhanced diamonds have the Huge benefit of allowing the customer to purchase a Large diamond for a third of the price of a non-enhanced diamond, and also receive a High-quality diamond.

6) Does buying Clarity enhanced diamond reduce Value of the diamond?

No, and here's why. If a person buys a clarity enhanced diamond, they are in essence paying for the quality that the stone was "before" enhancement plus the labour it costs to enhance it.  For example, if a 2.00-carat diamond that was an I1 in clarity with an eye-visible inclusion right under the table and the stones street value was 8-10 thousand. Now there aren't too many people who want a 2 carat stone with a big inclusion staring them in the face. But take that same exact stone, make the inclusion "invisible" to the naked eye and you have an eye clean 2.00 carat stone for 8-10 thousand dollars. To the Customer who's shelling out 15-20 thousand dollars for the same "looking" diamond, this doesn't sound too bad. So while the stone after enhancement may look like an SI (under the scope), you are still paying for the Imperfection.  You are essentially getting a higher quality diamond for 50-70% lower than a non-enhanced diamond.